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I have to confess that a very big part of my life is happening in DeuTalia, and with what (or with who) comes from there. Also its importance to me and my life was – and still is – significant. DeuTalia..? Well, this expression derives form the melange between “Deutschland” and “Italia”.

Born in Austria, already from a geographical point of view I touched ground for the very first time right in-between those two countries, and the first languages I have heard was German – which became my mother tongue – and Italian because my parents spend most of their vacations in Italy as well as my father took me for years with him on his business trips to Milano (I enjoyed those trips with my papa a lot, this might be the reason why I like Milano a lot and feel like home there).

Deutschland & Italia

Deutschland & Italia

Later on in my adult life I had the luck and pleasure to experience the qualities of very special people from both countries. I really appreciate how straight, reliable and correct my German friends and partners are (Hallo Rainer, hallo Edi) as well as I am impressed how stylish, charming and gallant my Italian friends are in their “dolce vita” (Ciao ragazzi, siete troppi per menzionare tutti…).

So it became natural that (most of) my business life is Deutsch and my private life Italiano. Even my car-solutions reflect since many years the spirit of DeuTalia because my business cars are always from Untertürkheim and my pleasure cars come from Maranello.

So tonight, when Deutschland plays against Italia in the European Football Championship it is really difficult for me to say on which side I am on, but I wish for a interesting and fair game and that the better team shall win. I will be with you no matter what 😉