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Never give up..!

This autumn I probably had the worst time of my life. Everything that could go wrong did and nothing seemed to work as it should.

The least problem was that I could not sell my 458-Spider close to anything I thought it would be worth and therefore I lost more money than expected. Much bigger losses – more than one million Euros – I had to take because one of our business partners made a serious mistake and did not have the decency to compensate me (yet).

But not only money-wise I got hit very hard, also my business in general – even if income keeps flowing well – was shaken heavily and I had to close one of our companies because its legal environment has changed and we just could not comply. Everyone who has ever shut down a company knows that there is not a lot of pleasure there, especially regarding the people working for you.

On top of all the disasters in my financial and business life I got also hit in my private life more serious than ever. Not only I had to learn that my father has got some heart problems and has to do something about it very fast, I also separated form my girlfriend, which was probably the most serious relationship I have had so far.

Naturally because of all this stress my immune system also became a bit week and I got a little cold, which is quite unusually for me since I am (almost) never ill.

What really saved me – next to my basic positive and optimistic attitude – was a study I made a few years ago. I wanted to find out want do really successful people have in common. I mean the top of the world in each field, such as Michael Schumacher, Bill Gates or Abraham Lincoln.

There is only ONE thing they have in common. It is not where they are from, their gender or which language they speak or which business they are in, No! They only thing they have in common is that all of them had several very severe problems on their way to success, but they never ever gave up on their visions and dreams.

So, in this most difficult time for me I have decided more than ever to follow my heart (and brain) and keep saying to myself: NEVER GIVE UP..!

PS: I promise, I will let you know in a few weeks (or even months, whatever it takes) how those things in my life have developed so that you’ll see that it is worth fighting for your own life – because nobody else but you would do it anyway 😉