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A man’s car..!

Ever since I was a little boy I dreamt about reaching the age of 45 because I thought then I would be a reeeeeal man. I would be financially independent, experienced enough to understand who are the right people around me and would have created a solid base for the more serious second half of my life, without enjoying it less.

Even if I was right and by now I really feel being a man and not a boy anymore, I was not considering all aspects of being a man. One aspect I did not consciously consider for many years was which car does really fit a man. I know, we all think about which clothes, furniture and even dogs fitting to a person, but a car..?!?

The idea came up some years ago when we worked on the public appearance of our investment fund. To define how we see ourselves we where asked by our marketing people “if your fund would be a car, which car would it be?”. We gave it some thought and of course not only each car brand stands for something, even the models within the family represent certain characteristics, which might reflect on its owner and driver (by the way, at the time we said our fund should be the Mercedes-Benz).

At “my” family (hard to guess which one is “mine”), for example, the FF stands for the family car because it has 4 seats, most space in the rear of all models and you can use it every day – even in winter conditions since it is a four-wheel drive. The 458 Italia is the race-horse, made to give its DNA to all kind of derivatives for the race track (such as the Ferrari Challenge or the 24-hours Le Mains). The California is clearly the car for the “high-maintenance” ladies who like to open the roof and cruise along the Côte d’Azur.

The men’s car of the family – which always was the V12-front-engine GT – has become even more masculine now than ever: The all-new Ferrari F12berlinetta. This car is the best performer of the family and the fastest road-car Ferrari has ever built. It circumvents the race-track of Fiorano more than 2 seconds faster then the Enzo, insiders know what this means!!! And, like “the man of the house”, it is also the strongest of the family – it troughs 740 HP (in words: seven-hundred-forty) on the crankshaft.

Even if now I understand the meaning of  “the difference between a man and a boy is the price of the toy!” I can’t refuse to say: this is a men’s world 😉