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50 years of happiness


My parents got married on the 1st of February 1963, which is already something a bit special since not too many people want to get married theses days because marriage means – among many other things – giving up being an egoist and always being there for the one life-partner you have chosen AND without expecting something back.

But not only did they get married 50 years ago. They are also still together and are happy as ever. They are still holding hands, having fun, traveling together, seeing friends and enjoy, thanks to good health, their lives – even with little money. All that after such a long time being together seems like a miracle to me.

The most amazing thing about my parents is that I have – again, in 50 years – never ever seen them fighting, arguing or have the shortest moment of dis-harmony. Of course they did not have always the same opinion about all things, but they managed to talk about all and everything in love.

So, Mama and Papa, I congratulate you to this amazing achievement and wish you at least 50 more years like that sothat you would also show my (future) wife and children how to make that “happiness” happen – because for me that’s the main sense of life 😉