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Spring Cleaning

Traditionally the first few sunny days of the year are the time for spring-cleaning at home. Since my home is always rather clean (Grazie a Maria) I triggered recently some other cleaning-missions because I got the feeling that I have too much of too many unneeded “things”:

My “hardware”: I believe that all human beings consist basically of “hardware” (flesh & bones) as well as our “software” (mind & spirit). Since I never did drugs and don’t drink alcohol I think my software is rather clean, but my hardware could need some polish here and there. That’s why I have subscribed again in my favourite health club because there I could not only work-out, but also use the sauna and other fancy treatments to regularly clean-up my hardware. Also I changed a bit how, when and what I eat, but this is a story on its own.

facebook_friend_blockedMy social networks: Over more than the last ten years I have accumulated so many people on my social networks, who are not at all what I would like to consider real friends. Those are sometimes people I have just met once in my life and/or who’s connection-request I have just accepted to be polite. Some other people I do know better, but I would not consider them friends in the sense as I understand the word. Especially my account at Facebook, I will be cleaning up a bit over the next few weeks.

Jessica_Rabbit_by_TheSacredMushroomMy free time: Also my non-working time needs some reconsiderations regarding with whom I spend such precious moments. I got difficulties now to listen to “daddy’s sons” who behave like super-stars, but did not achieve much in their lives. Not only such boys are boring me, also for girls who are faking their looks (hair-extensions, breast-implants, silicon-lips, plastic-nails, colour contact lenses…) my attention-span became very limited. Same with social events, I cleaned up my schedule and will not go anymore to events where I would mainly meet people as mentioned before.

Life is too good to spend it with ballast and “things” you don’t really need (anymore). So, do your own spring cleaning and only keep what (or who) has a real value in your life..!