This is the archive of the former private blog of Markus Lehner, which was not updated anymore since the last post in early 2013. Still you would have access if you click here.

Much more recent and up-to-date is the blog Markus Lehner and his organisation maintain on the website of the Markus Lehner Organisation, which you could access directly here.


Right after fulfilling his military duties at the Intelligence Service in Austria, Markus Lehner started focusing on special Investment opportunities, always aiming for absolute returns. Starting soon to be successful with his private Investments, he went to the United States to discover and study the Investment world.

Back to Vienna in 1990 he founded his first Investment company and in 1993 passed the state exam for “Investment Consulting and Asset Management” with distinction. In 1995 Markus Lehner became the first expert witness by law for “Investment Consulting” at the court of Vienna.

Since then Markus Lehner became a successful private Investor and founder of different specialized Investment Companies in several countries. Till today those companies have engineered several Investment Funds and structures, which have reached more than 2 Billion Euros under management and currently serve around 30.000 Investors.

Based on his performance and know-how various TV-interviews were given and reports broadcasted, more than 100 press articles published and thousands of people have attended speeches and presentations by Markus Lehner.

Beside these achievements in the Investment Industry he became also a successful racing driver and won the European Championship of the Ferrari Challenge as well as a passionate pilot rated with the highest possible degrees in Private Aviation.