This is the archive of the former private blog of Markus Lehner, which was not updated anymore since the last post in early 2013. Still you would have access if you click here.

Much more recent and up-to-date is the blog Markus Lehner and his organisation maintain on the website of the Markus Lehner Organisation, which you could access directly here.



Do not expect any money from me unless I have confirmed in writing that I would pay something for what you did or gave to me.

Do not call me “Markus” unless I confirmed that I consider you a real friend (very few people) or you are part of my family (even less people).

If you expect me to pick up your phone call (assuming that I am available) do not call from an anonymous number.

If you use “hands-free” (external speaker) during our call then advice if other people are listening.

If you talk about time and money use only CET (central European time) and EUR (Euro, the only currency that counts for me) or advice if different.

If you spell names or words to me use the official aeronautical alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charley…) and do NOT invent abbreviations (such as Apple, Bonbons, China…).

For stating any days, dates or times please use the international format (year-month-day-hour-minute) to avoid misunderstandings because other formats have different meanings. For example “8. 3.” could stand for the eight of March or in some other places the third of August.

If you call me and we got cut-off you should call me again sothat we are not both trying to call each other and therefore our lines are busy and we will never be able to continue our talks. If I call you I shall proceed the same way unless the cut-off was not really a technical issue 😉

If I send you an email, SMS or leave you any other message please confirm somehow that you have received it.

If you talk or write to me tell me only the truth (or at least what you most honestly think is the truth) or do not talk to me at all.

Don’t do any drugs, smoke or drink alcohol excessively if you are in my company!

Thank you!