This is the archive of the former private blog of Markus Lehner, which was not updated anymore since the last post in early 2013. Still you would have access if you click here.

Much more recent and up-to-date is the blog Markus Lehner and his organisation maintain on the website of the Markus Lehner Organisation, which you could access directly here.

Fact Sheet

Name: Markus Walter LEHNER

Date of birth: 1964-11-11 at 02-32

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria

Living in: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Lived in: Vienna, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Milan.

Astrological sign: Very much Scorpion, ascendant Virgo

Languages: English, Deutsch (mother tongue), Italian (with pleasure), French (only if I have to)

Schools: Volksschule, Gymnasium, Handelsakademie (Universities only known from parties)

Exams: State Exam (with distinction) and expert witness at Court for Investment Management

Military Duties: Secret Service in Austria (Heeresnachrichtenamt)

Profession: Investor

Status: Happy Single.

Physicals: <70kg, >180cm, blue eyes.

Contact me: (I might even answer)